Assess and Understand What You’re Getting Into

In a merger or acquisition, understanding the technology and information security landscape of the company you’re buying is critical. Assessing the current infrastructure, security policies and adherence, equipment, software, Cloud usage, human assets, contract commitments and access to data can be used as a negotiating tool when determining a true valuation.

In addition, a proper technology diligence assessment will identify critical gaps, estimate the cost to integrate systems and generate a prioritized and phased timeline for the IT integration.

Whether you’re the corporation looking to make an acquisition, a private equity group considering expanding its portfolio or a target company that wants to know what a would-be buyer will uncover, we’ll deliver an assessment designed around your individual needs.

“A common pitfall in merger integration planning is to place too much emphasis on the IT Department itself—specifically short-term cost savings from integrating IT resources—and not enough on the IT requirements or new business capabilities needed to bring the company’s other functions together or to support future growth.”

-Booz & Company, “The Role of IT in Successful Merger Integration”

Why use an external resource?

Understanding the full picture, including security gaps, may have inherent conflicts of interest for internal staff. When determining potential cost savings from staff consolidation, replacement of systems your staff has built and looking at competing software solutions, an outside expert can often make the recommendations best for the new, integrated business.

Understanding a new strategic reality that is different than the current business can take vision that your tactical staff may not have today. You need a strategic partner with significant technical expertise. ASMGi is a recognized leader in information security. We can help you understand security levels, risks for a data breach or the level of compliance to security protocols.

In addition, if you’re already running a lean and efficient operation, your IT staff is focused on the day-to-day operations. Adding a major project either means it won’t be done on time or day-to-day operations will suffer.

Protect what’s most important

Understand how data can be accessed and in what formats when a merger or acquisition is complete.

During the process, protect intellectual property, trade secrets and competitive advantages.

With a large number of clients with highly-sensitive data, we understand what policies and protections need to be in place to keep your most important data safe.

The ASMGi Advantage

IT Expertise + Business Expertise + Practical IT Innovation

Understanding the long-term objective is critical for any M&A project. Proper technology diligence will give your team the edge it needs.



ASMGi’s Custom Software Development team builds middleware to connect data from disparate systems. We can help you scope the effort and build bridges to ensure success.


Security and Governance

Our world-class governance, risk and compliance practice will design a program that ensures data integrity and security.


Secure Sharing

We can also configure secure data sharing facilities to ensure confidentiality, security and compliance.

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