Merge departments, software and hardware

You may need help with strategic planning, updating your security program, merging data, managing the new keys and certs, moving or closing data centers or even temporary staffing; we’re able to help.

Merging two companies means blending IT departments, software, systems, hardware and staff.

Critically, the addition of another company is the addition of another security and technology culture. Creating an information technology and security plan that protects intellectual property, customer information, prevents data breaches and maintains employee efficiency is an important job and one that will not happen on its own.

“The challenge for CIOs is to understand how to best deploy IT resources at a time when those resources are likely to be working at full capacity.”

-Booz & Company, “The Role of IT in Successful Merger Integration”

Integrating other company functions

Integration of core company functions like finance and accounting, HR, operations and other departments will place additional demands on your IT staff.

This information is also incredibly important to protect. You need to combine the departments carefully and with a bias toward strong information security.

This is sensitive and critical work that often has tight deadlines.

Design end-state architecture

It’s tempting to simply build band-aids to connect systems and keep things running properly, but a well-thought-out plan with the future company in mind ensures decisions are made in the right context.

Instead of spending money to just keep things running, build it properly so the company will excel with its new size and scope.

We can help you design that end-state architecture. Future efficiency and production will be heavily influenced by the technology decisions you make today.

Keep the lights on

In the wake of a merger, a significant amount of increased activity is inevitable. concerns over job security may drive some staff turnover, and sometimes keeping up with day-to-day demands can be tough.

We can fill that gap. Whether that is leveraging our expertise on in-progress projects or turning to our 24x7 help desk to handle desktop and server administration, Cloud migration or other projects. We have worked with clients to support their current team or taken over the management of some operations entirely.

The ASMGi Advantage

IT Expertise + Business Expertise + Practical IT Innovation

Understanding the long-term objective is critical for any M&A project. Proper technology diligence will give your team the edge it needs.



ASMGi’s Custom Software Development team builds middleware to connect data from disparate systems. We can help you scope the effort and build bridges to ensure success.


Security and Governance

Our world-class governance, risk and compliance practice will design a program that ensures data integrity and security.


Secure Sharing

We can also configure secure data sharing facilities to ensure confidentiality, security and compliance.

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