Migrate to the Cloud securely and safely

The decision is bigger than choosing a cloud service. Ensure security. Lower costs. Simplify the process with ASMGi.

Migrate Today

Ensure continuity

Know what services your employees use most before you make changes.


Enforce Security

With 12,000+ cloud services, and more everyday, banning 1-by-1 will not work.


Don't Move Problems

Use this migration to fix improperly stored data.

Meet Standards

Whether it is regulatory, company or risk standards, reach compliance.

The ASMGi Solution

We offer our clients a number of tools to safely and securely store and manage their data in the cloud, on site – or a combination of both. Sometimes a combination of tools can work better together than one on its own, for example: Box is an industry leader in secure storage. Skyhigh helps manage usage and compliance. Heureka identifies and indexes all unstructured data. Venafi manages keys and certificates. We can build a secure solution with a combination of these or other services, and tailor the right solution for your business.

A true secure migration looks beyond simply where the data is stored.

By pairing the right services we can ensure you improve productivity, not harm it, by giving you full visibility into the cloud services that are currently being used. The continued monitoring will help you to adapt to changes in your organization that might otherwise just exist as shadow IT.

It also will help you clean up your current data. A migration is the perfect time to take a step back and ensure you are fully in compliance, and identify issues that threaten security.

And, of course, choosing a solution that itself meets your governance, compliance and security thresholds is the core of the project.

We’re here as a partner and a resource – to help you thrive.

Looking to migrate to Microsoft’s cloud? We’ve helped companies migrate to Office 365 as well, and we can implement a secure migration strategy with Microsoft’s solution.