Why work with a Microsoft Tier 1 Partner?

Working with a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider means you’re working with a proven partner that has a direct connection to Microsoft. We’ve set up and managed Azure and Office 365 instances for global enterprises. We also have a knowledgeable 24x7 Help Desk team. As a Microsoft CSP we can:

  • Architect a public, private or hybrid Cloud solution for your company with everything on a single invoice for efficiency and simplicity.
  • Work with you to understand your business needs and deliver the solutions that fit your company.
  • Maximize productivity through a rapid deployment that scales easily.
  • Substantially reduce your Azure learning curve. We manage complex Azure systems for many clients, and understand how it all works.
  • With ASMGi’s premium support, you never have to worry.
  • We can also integrate the Microsoft Cloud into other apps you currently use, or build a custom app on top of the platform.

What it takes to earn Tier 1 Status

Microsoft has high standards for those in its CSP program. A Tier 1 Partner has demonstrated experience and competency in both support and administration. That means Microsoft allows ASMGi to operate in its place without involving any other partners. A Tier 2 Partner must contract with a Tier 1 Partner.

To become a Tier 1 Partner, ASMGi had to demonstrate to Microsoft that we excel in many ways:

  • Offer value-added services: Simply being a reseller is not enough to earn the designation. Microsoft turns to its Tier 1 partners to provide Managed Azure Services.
  • Reliable support: Support must be offered through the phone and internet-based tickets and partners must be able to prove competency in answering Azure support questions.
  • Customer management: Technical expertise is required in providing managed services using Microsoft tools.
  • Simplified billing: Working with a CSP means you can receive monthly vs. annual bills. We can consolidate all of your Microsoft Cloud bills into one easy to understand invoice.

You benefit even if this engagement isn’t 100% Cloud based

As Microsoft experts, we can also help you implement other applications in the Microsoft Cloud. So if you’re working on a Salesforce deployment, Office 365, a single-sign-on project, secure document sharing, or other initiatives, we can work with you to find the optimal solution.