Data Center Migrations

World-class. Efficient. Fast.

A process built to scale

The job of moving to a new data center begins long before a server, cable or cable tie is touched. Moving complex data centers requires intense planning, risk assessment, careful documentation, executional discipline and close coordination with the client.

While the project may be complete on move day, our follow-up process ensures nothing was missed. Without proper planning and processes, migrating a data center poses huge financial and operational risks to enterprises.

Experience matters. Throughout our 15 years of data center moves, ASMGi has refined our processes and procedures to deliver migrations at a world-class level. Our process remains nimble and centered around your business objectives.

We believe the details matter, right down to the smallest factors.

Large government organizations and global enterprises have entrusted us with the migration of their data centers – we know how it’s done.

Working with ASMGi



Our subject-matter experts can guide you through the process.



We work with your team to develop a coordinated plan that optimizes all resources.



Our documentation process has been adopted by many clients as their own for future projects.


We fit your strategy

Moving a data center can also be a great time to clean up data, identify unstructured data and architect new hybrid Cloud-Data Center models.

More than physical moves

Each data center move is unique, which is why seeking an expert with proven processes and procedures is vital to the project’s success, including minimizing downtime and business disruption. Our plans are made to accommodate multiple scenarios, with detailed planning and world-class execution.

ASMGi has managed physical moves, consolidations, colocations and migrations to Microsoft Azure Cloud environments. ASMGi is a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner. We have extensive experience working with clients who utilize Azure and Office 365.

The policies and procedures we’ve developed are data-centric. Regardless if we’re managing a physical data center move, or a move to the Cloud, your data is our top priority and focus. We can reducing the risks of migrating your sensitive data through the use of proven experts.

Let’s schedule time to talk through your project.