A global financial services company committed to implementing Azure cloud servers for customer-facing applications and hosting of client data. A deadline was nearing to get all of the financial services company’s data into the cloud but not all the necessary foundational and security work had been completed.

ASMGi was able to build a program that was approved by the global company’s Information Security department in less than 60 days, and in time to meet customer expectations.


A Fortune 500 financial services client needed to improve the way they managed certificates and keys. Their process was well documented but completely manual and relied on several color-coded Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

While tasked simply to manage the spreadsheets, ASMGi saw an opportunity to lessen downtime and create more efficiencies to bring deeper value to our client.


Working with plastic surgery patients often involves numerous patient photos that need to be shared with both the internal and external medical staff but sending those photos through text or email would be a HIPAA violation.

ASMGi implemented a solution that worked at the speed of business, making sharing patient photos and information as seamless as possible. We worked to deploy a solution that met all the compliance requirements yet also was easy, intuitive and would have a high rate of adoption.