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CIO tips for non-CIOS

The role of the CIO is ever-changing. Sometimes new technology and information security is at the foot of a long to-do list behind duties that are rapidly shifting. Balancing the business, marketing, operations, finance on top of staying tech-savvy can be...

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Bounty Reward: Your Sanity

Finding holes in your IT security the same old way may only yield the same kinds of vulnerabilities. We’ve seen more and more companies deploying not only traditional internal and external pen testing, but challenging white-hat hackers to do their worst.

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Top 3 Hottest Issues in Cybersecurity

It seems that not a week goes by without some sort of breach or major attack in the news. Once a cyber attack hits it seems to spread like wildfire. Just look at WannaCry and a month later Petya. Thousands of organizations were affected. We’re all feeling the heat in...

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Guess what the top 3 phishing e-mails are…

We were listening to a podcast the other day where the CEO of a company asked "What kind of an idiot gets phished?" So, naturally, his employees phished him. (Gimlet Media, his company, shared the story on the Reply All podcast.) Of course, phishing campaigns are one...

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IoT is Gotham and There’s a New Villain in Town

It is a duty for every good citizen of Gotham City to collect an inventory of all IoT devices. You’d be surprised at how many are out there that you either forgot about or didn’t know were IoT. Like the infamous comic series Batman, there’s a new villain in Gotham....

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